About Warwick Music Group

About Us

Warwick Music Group believe in the transformational power of music. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to make music. We also believe that children are our future, and by thinking differently we can make a difference to them and the whole world.


As musicians, we knew that traditional brass instruments can be heavy, costly – and easily damaged. What’s more, they don’t always fit little hands!

We knew too that sales of traditional brass instruments were declining – and that bands and orchestras worldwide were reporting a shortage of brass players.

So we set out to do something about it.

We wondered if it was possible to create a brass instrument in plastic; to create the same sound as a brass instrument but without the cost, the weight or indeed the damage if it is dropped. We started thinking what fun it would be if brass instruments were not just brass coloured – but available in a whole variety of colours.

Creating the world’s first plastic trombone was not easy (we didn’t expect it to be) but there was so much help and enthusiasm – and so much support for what we were setting out to do – that we kept at it.
And so, after many trials (and quite a few tears) in 2011, we sold our very first pBone: it was the world’s first plastic trombone and we’re rather proud to say, it has gone on to become the world’s best-selling.

Since then we’ve extended our range by developing and innovating too so that it now includes:

  • pBone – the original plastic trombone
  • pBone mini – all the benefits of the pBone only smaller and lighter
  • pTrumpet – the world’s first all-plastic trumpet
  • pBuzz – a totally new instrument; the fun first step to brass playing
  • pCornet – the world’s first fully plastic Cornet
  • pTrumpet hyTech – a new chapter in trumpet evolution combining both metal and polymer

And we have not stopped there.

Our origins were as a brass sheet music supplier, so we have created a raft of tuition books and online resources including on-demand lessons; coaching by some of the world’s top players and a whole range of courses for individuals and music teachers alike.

Welcome to Warwick Music Group; quality wind and brass instruments making the joy of music accessible and fun.