Invitations for UK Tooling Tender

Warwick Music Group are looking for suppliers to tender for the production of tools for our latest musical instrument to be made in the UK.  We are tendering for quotes for the completion of the following:

  • Plastic Recorder Tools
  • Manufactured in ABS
  • Parts to be injected by AV Injection Ltd, Mansfield

We expect to commence this project as soon as possible with an anticipated completion of the tools within 12-14 weeks of order. We will assess each bid for the tender in the following way:

  • Price (40%)
  • Timescales (40%)
  • Experience/track record (20%)

If you are interested in tendering for this opportunity of would like to know more, please contact our Director of Creativity and Innovation, Chris Fower on

This tender will be advertised for the next 10 Working days and the closing date is Tuesday, 29th March 2022 at 11:59pm

This tender forms part of the CW Innovation Programme which will be part funded by the European Region Development Fund