Looking after our team, so they can look after you

Like all business, organisations and families, our company has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fortunately, our team which is based in China, USA, Europe and UK are mostly safe and well – we’ve had one team member who has been taken seriously ill and remains in hospital on oxygen but they should be OK. Working for a small company is very much like a family and indeed, we are often friends as well as colleagues and times like these that is such a strength.

The whole company is getting together twice a week on Zoom to share what they’re doing, whether that’s work or family. It’s great to be able to keep in touch and know that there are people you trust and respect who are facing the same challenges as you are; our company WhatsApp group has been plastered with fun and silly stuff, discussing everything from home-schooling three children, to which latest binge-worthy season you should be watching on Netflix! Smiling can be a wonderful medicine.

Our main office has been closed since 24th March but because we are such an international business and also have a lot of part-time mums and dads, working remotely was an easy transition – it’s times like these that you really are thankful to your IT team (Neil and Datasystems) for ensuring we have a robust infrastructure.

Our business spends a lot of time working on our teamwork and understanding the role of leaders and managers. As the CEO, my primary responsibility is about looking after our people – making sure they feel safe and secure whilst the world around them (all of us) is so uncertain. Lucy our General Manager, who is also a qualified Mental Health First Aider, is sharing advice and also reaching out to colleagues. Mental health and well-being is something we are very passionate and open about.

Ultimately, what this leads to is a great ethos of passionate and caring people who really believe in our purpose – to make the joy of music accessible and fun!

I’m so proud of how well the team has responded to the impact of Covid-19 – all the great ideas, projects and initiatives we’ve launched (see here) which have helped thousands of parents, students and teachers across the world, even if just in a small way.

Thanks to everyone at Warwick Music Group – you’re doing an amazing job and I know that our community really appreciate you as much as I do.

Stay safe.