pBugle preview at NAMM 2020

A new American-style Bugle being unveiled at NAMM 2020 will help revolutionise the teaching of brass music – especially to children wanting to join a marching band or drum corps.

Light, robust and affordable, pBugle is a medium bore, Bb trumpet without valves. Manufactured in recyclable, long-life ABS plastic, it is the most affordable way for children and others to begin an authentic trumpet journey.  

Costing less than a mute or a mouthpiece, pBugle is robust and lightweight. Children can learn about brass through playful exploration and develop authentic, beginner brass skills without the complication of learning to use valves. Available in red, pBugle is easy and intuitive to hold and will enable beginners to start their musical journey.

Children make great progress with pBugle

“This is a great way to begin your trumpet journey, without the distraction and complication of valves, and at a fraction of the cost of any valved trumpet. It’s amazing how quickly learners begin to play different harmonics on pBugle… a brilliant introduction to the world of brass playing,” said Chris Fower, Director of Creativity and Innovation at Warwick Music Group.

“It is easy to play, colourful, works ‘out of the box’ and will be great for brass teaching, as it concentrates on the core essentials of brass-playing: breathing, buzzing, articulation and the harmonic series.”

“It will be ideal for those wishing to join a marching band or drum corps-style group. But it also makes a fantastic practice aid for the experienced player and, being robust, can simply be thrown in an overnight bag so is great for keeping in shape for an up-coming gig,” said Chris.

Warwick Music Group will be showcasing pBugle alongside their full range of pInstruments at NAMM including pBone, pTrumpet, pCornet, pBuzz and hyTech on Booth #9133.