Dmitry Tolpegov


Dmitry Tolpegov was born in 1983 in Zheleznodorozhny in the Moscow Region of Russia.

Started playing trombone in 1993 in youth wind orchestra conducted by A.Vasilyev. In same year he enrolled in a class of V.Kiselyov. He graduated from music school in 1998. and hence graduated from the Moscow Conservatory (as trombonist) in 2007 in under professor V. Batashev.

Dmitry Tolpegov was a winner of the All-Russia competition for wind and percussion instrument players in Tolyatti 2001, and an international competition for wind and percussion instrumentalists in Moscow in 2004

Started began studying composition seriously in 2000 at the Moscow conservatory under professor K.Batashov and graduated as composer in 2008.

He currently works as recitalist,composer,arranger.

Supervises the musical collective “Tochki nad Yo”(“Yo-Dots”(Moscow))

and also works as Music director in the theatre “Ognennye Lyudi”,

Arranger and

Sound engineer of collaborative project “Multconcert” by cartoon studios “Aeroplane” and “SoyuzMultfilm”(2015).

Among his compositions:

Sonatas: for oboe and piano (2001), trombone and piano (2005), violin and piano (2006) and piano solo (2003), a String quartet(2004), a Flute quartet (2008),a Suite for four flutes and trombone “Circles on the water”(2002), “Scherzo suite” for 3 clarinets (2002), Suite “Marble garden” for trombone and piano(2001-02), Concerto for trombone and Piano (2007-08), Capriccio for trombone solo (2009), a chamber symphony (2008-2009) Quintet for five trombones(2012-2013),pop songs,music for perfomances,and others.