John Purser


John Purser’s accomplishments are impressive. His bio reads, John Purser, Scottish musicologist, composer, conductor, playwright, producer, broadcaster and Scotland’s foremost music historian. He sounds like an all around Renaissance man. I met with him and I believe he is. John takes pride in his native country. Beautiful music comes from Scotland. It’s an older country, older than France or Germany.

You know, he said, Scotland was never overrun by the Romans, not like England was. Music played a role in Scotland’s survival. In war, Scottish music is prevalent – soldiers would not go to war without the piper. I remembered the Mel Gibson Academy Award-winning film Braveheart and the importance the sound of the bagpipes was to the warriors. John laughed, I was the consultant on that movie — they wouldn’t take my advice — they used the wrong pipes! It’s disgraceful; I can’t bear to see the film.