Ian Morrison

Born in Northampton in 1965 Ian was educated in Northampton and Nottingham before graduating from Cambridge University with a degree in Engineering. He also completed his Ph.D. at Cambridge in a dull academic backwater field of Signal Processing.

His musical career started on the violin as a child. He has since worked his way through piano, guitar, bass guitar, accordion, saxophone, drums and trumpet reaching a level of competence at each. He has written and arranged for over 20 years in a number of genres for a variety of instruments; as a songwriter he has co-written over 60 songs with his wife.

The majority of the compositions and arrangements now published by Warwick Music were written whilst his kids were small and playing music with others was limited. Now the kids are older and he is a student of jazz piano his composing days are probably over!

He lives just outside Cambridge with his wife Sara and their two daughters.