Derrick Parker


Derrick, born in Doncaster on 24th February 1945, is an amateur trombonist living in the Rugby area of the United Kingdom. He was taught by the Salvation Army, as many other fine brass players, but received no formal college level musical education. Now retired, by profession he was an engineer, having a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters in Tribology, the study of friction, wear and lubrication – apt perhaps for a trombone player. In the early 1960’s Derrick was invited to become a member of the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain, and in the three years of membership he toured to Poland and Switzerland and many parts of Britain. He was also a member of Hanwell Band during its heyday, appearing on radio and television and on the Peter Skellern recording of ‘You’re a Lady’. (The bottom of his slide was just visible on Top of the Pops!) Wherever he has lived he has always been, and still is, involved with many good amateur orchestras and big bands and is currently Musical Director of the Coventry Consortium Big Band.

During an 11 year sojourn in the Italian Tyrol he became a member of the Burgerkapelle Bruneck, the local town band, lederhosen and all, and a highlight was a tour to France undertaken as Kapellmeister “an Englishman leading a German speaking Italian band in France” very European. He also was a member of the show band Alpenecho.

His interest in trombone ensemble music began with The British Trombone Society and an enthusiastic group of trombonist in Glasgow, Scotland. He is a founder member of the Bourton Trombone Choir which meets regularly in his home village and for whom most of his arrangements and adaptations were originally conceived.