Bill Richardson


I came originally from Somerset and am a former pupil of Terry Ravenor. During my 4 years at the Royal Academy of Music I received the Nicholas Blake Memorial Prize and the John Booth Prize. I also gained the LGSM, the RAM Professional Certificate and, in 1974, my GRSM. I then spent a year at the University of London doing a PGCE. That was followed by 3 years teaching in a school in Battersea (now closed!), before moving up to the Midlands.

I gave up teaching full time a few years ago – you can have too much of a good thing! I now have more time to play trombone. I will do anything and everything for a blow: pit work, orchestral gigs, the occasional band contest, quintet, and ten piece. A couple of years ago I played the Ferdinand-David with the Coventry Youth Orchestra and am currently working with a great new band called Hot Box Cafe. You name it – I do it! AND I HATE CATS.