Hans Hasebos

Hans Hasebos (Hilversum, August 4th, 1956)

Marimba en vibraphone / keys / sampling / soprano saxophone / composer / workshop-teacher

Hasebos studied classical percussion at the Hilversum’s Conservatoire. (1976-1981)

Having finished his studies he started concentrating on the marimba and vibraphone, while working as a music teacher and radio-orchestra musician. During the eighties he developed as an independent composer and musician and finally left his job as a teacher as well as the orchestra’s. Throughout the years he developed a wide range of musical activities, both as musician and composer. His music incorporates as many different “species” as possibly could be found in the musical universe.

Hasebos has been, and still is, performing in ensembles initiated by colleagues, such as (most recently) Seafood and Corrie & de Grote Brokken. He is a member of Maarten Lok’s theatre-ensemble Levend Wild. He wrote several compositions, for other musicians as well as for his own groups, for television as well as for theatre. Since 1983 he has initiated a number of ensembles. Among them (most recently):

Pavlov, with Albert van Veenendaal en Oene van Geel, music with a fresh classical sound.

Haas & The Guitarbandits, with Wiek Hijmans, Willem Jansen, Gerard Ammerlaan,

Anton Goudsmit, exploring the electric jazz-rock energy-boost.

Bachelor Beats, with Willem Jansen, Dionys Breukers, Wibaud Burkens and veejay Martijn Grootendorst, sampling combined with regular instruments, resulting in a powerful live performance of fast forward electronic dance.

Hasebos will be realeasing several cd’s in the coming months:

Haas & The Guitarbandits, with the ensemble of the same name,

Drumtracks, a Circle Percussion theatre-production, with music by Hasebos and Willem Jansen

Sunlife, a lounge-cd with music especially written for the theatre-play Warme Broodjes.


1982 – Prisma orkest – est, est!, est!! – bv haast 045

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1995 – Corrie en de Brokken Live – bv Haast 9604

1996 – Michael Baird – On Remote Patrol – SWP 004

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1997 – Ammerlaans septet

and Lucia Meeuwsen – Third stream, First love – ARP 73100

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2000- Alexandra v Marken /

Karin Tanghe / Trio Pavlov – SINATRA ,this way -Basta records

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2001 trio Pavlov – Tablemusic – www.buitenkunst.nl