Chris Shea, Asia-Pacific Sales Director

Chris Shea

Ni Hao, Hi, I’m Chris. I come from an engineering, sales and marketing background and my experience has given me a great insight into the many facets of business and product development. Latterly my work has centred around new product development in the niche field of plastic music instrument design. Although not an instrument player myself over the last six years I have been extremely fortunate to personally meet and appreciate many talented instrument players such as the ones within our own team here at Warwick Music Group.

My life took a very different turn almost six years ago when I relocated to China, where I am now based near Hong Kong with my Chinese wife, Eden and two young children Asher & Aaron. China life is interesting and vastly different culturally from life in the UK and I am now considered ‘Chinglish’ by my Chinese and ex-pat friends.

Working with a forward thinking company such as Warwick Music is a total pleasure and I relish the opportunities, both in contributing to making a difference to young children’s lives within the realms of music education, and also the challenge of developing and introducing new innovative products into the music instrument sector.

Fun Fact: Fun for me used to be racing my Porsche 924 and Caterham, but now my much more pleasurable priority is spending time with my kids who constantly make me smile, never fail to amaze me and make me feel the proudest Dad in the world. Kids are our legacy and we should never underestimate their potential and the difference they can make (for the better) to our own and other people’s lives.