The likelihood of a child learning a musical instrument

The likelihood of a child learning a musical instrument is related to household income reports research survey by 2CV for the Musicians Union

I am pleased to see that 45% of parents regardless of income said that their children ‘have always been interested in music’. Actually, music-learning need not be expensive nor exclusive; my daughter plays on a plastic clarinet, perhaps no surprise given that her dad owns a company which makes plastic instruments and her mum is a professionally-trained clarinettist. However sat alongside her in the local training band is one of her lifelong friends, whose family has no musical background at all but want to support their son’s passion to play trumpet. Business visionary Simon Sinek explains that “people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it”, a mantra which my team hear me repeat frequently. If ever there were a need for more love, joy, cultural understanding amongst our youngest citizens then it is now, so let’s shift our focus to the ‘why’ of music.”

Steven GreenallChief Executive